Selected projects

Our psychologically based strategies are convincing - so far in politics, public relations, healthcare, human resources and energy efficiency. We would be happy to give you more examples on request, which will also inspire you. 

Playfully to a sustainable mobility behavior

Is it possible to fundamentally change a behavior through gamification? In cooperation with Swisscom, we work on a gamification approach to make mobility behavior in everyday life more environmentally friendly. To the project

Saving energy in everyday life

Many small changes in behavior can have a big effect. With SBB we are testing the influence of different nudges on specific behavior.

Evaluation of the acceptance of a revised speed display
For a new application to be successful, it must be accepted by the users. Together with SBB, we are testing and analyzing the acceptance of a revised speed display among locomotive crews. This should make individual trips more energy-efficient and further optimize the utilization of the Swiss rail network as a whole.

Development of a concept for the proof of effectiveness of an energy consumption app
Innovations are desirable, but their effects must nevertheless be evaluated. We support SBB in the development of a proof of concept for a new app. This will provide locomotive crews with timely feedback on the energy consumption of their last trips. Various psychological approaches will be implemented, which are intended to promote a learning effect and guide the train personnel's driving behavior towards energy efficiency.