Understanding and changing behavior

Verhaltenarchitektur supports you with effective strategies to guide selected behaviors of specific individuals in a desired direction. Our strategies are based on scientific insights from behavioral economics, psychology, sociology and other research fields. Behavioral science or behavioral insights summarize the understanding of how people make decisions and make it applicable to practice. A core aspect of this is that this is done subtly and without coercion or financial incentives. Occasionally referred to as manipulative, behavioral insights have been used mostly benevolently in the recent past. For example, behavioral strategies have been used to reduce littering, increase generic substitution, increase the market share of green electricity, and increase donations.

Evidence-based to effective solutions

Unser Vorgehen ist wissenschaftlich fundiert. Auf einer spezifischen Fragestellung aufbauend analysieren wir mit qualitativen und quantitativen Methoden (z.B. Interviews, Verhaltensdaten, psychologische Tests) die Zielgruppe sowie mögliche Motivatoren und Barrieren. Mithilfe von bewährten Behavioral Insights Frameworks, bisherigen Studienergebnissen, Experteninterviews oder Fokusgruppen erarbeiten wir mögliche verhaltenswissenschaftliche Strategien und testen diese im Labor oder Feld. Vielversprechende Ergebnisse rollen wir weiter aus, unerwünschte Effekte liefern uns wichtige neue Erkenntnisse über die Zielgruppe.

Ready-to-use solutions
In addition to individual strategies for implementing behavioral changes, we offer various ready-to-use solutions in cooperation with specialized companies:
Using the potential of nudging in HR

Together with HR Campus we launch HR Nudging. With this we effectively combine in-depth knowledge of behavioral psychology and HR. HR Nudging provides you with solutions to challenges that have not been answered sufficiently so far:

    • How can I promote truthful expense reporting?
    • How do I achieve a timely entry of vacations?
    • How can I ensure that long-serving employees do not rest on their laurels, but show more initiative?
    • How do I get employees to commit to a new value system?
    • And more